Bitter Sweet

I meant to start this blog over a year ago but I guess better late then never. For now I will try to capture the¬†activities that will bring us to beach:o’clock.

We have been in Seattle now for almost 20 years and now it is time to leave. It is truly a wonderful city and area – for 3 months of the year. That is when it is warm and sunny. The rest of the time it is gray, wet and dreary. If I am going to drink my self into a stupor I would rather do it on a beach. We are in the process of selling the house and a large amount of our possessions in order to move. It has been a pretty good home. It is on the 9th green of a Country Club fairway so i will not complain.


It is a couple days before Christmas so we know it was not a good time to go to market but we know it will sell soon. As soon as the house sells/closes we will head down I-5 stopping to see the Redwoods along the way and making our way toward San Diego where we will visit family. The plan is that from there we will head east toward Florida and use south Florida as our jump off point for some adventure. For now we need to keep the place tip-top shape for any showing and keep selling stuff off.

The anticipation is great which causes a lot of anxiety which is the opposite of beach emotions. I guess I will just continue to consume my stored liquor while I wait.