Dreary January

January in Seattle is like living in a cloud. Dreary, gray, wet/damp, cold, can’t see worth shit and feeling like you are trapped with walls closing around you. On the positive side of things the Seahawks are again in the hunt for the Super Bowl and for us ex-Ohioans, the buckeyes are in the national championship against the somewhat local Oregon Ducks. Football usually means beer and beer helps to dull the pain of the Seattle dreariness. I just hope we can survive the winter weight gain. I have thought about working out more, maybe even twice a day. Hasn’t worked so far though since I haven’t done it. Isn’t it the ‘thought that counts’!

The Hawks play Charlotte today and Katie and Sean are supposed to join us for the game. We also just sold a few more items today anticipating our move. On the home selling front we continue to have lots of activity. Lots of Realtors are calling our realtor and some of their customers are interested. Some have said ‘call us if you get an offer’. For homes like ours on the golf course there have been multiple offers once they got one so we are keeping our fingers crossed. People just seem to be in a ‘holding out’ mode and not yet out of the holiday slowdown. Another thing holding folks back is the climate/weather here. The day light is so short here that it limits the time folks are out looking since it is hard to see the place in the dark. Prices continue to firm up and rise and supply has dropped. Hell maybe I should resist at a higher price!

During the last quarter of 2014 we had a unique and pleasurable experience of meeting a young woman from France, Victoire. Years ago we had a French student stay with us. Through this student we were contacted by Victoire looking for assistance in finding lodging for 3 months during an internship at Seattle Children’s Research Center. Well long story short, Vic ended up staying with us for a few weeks, we helped her move to Seattle, and then saw her off when it was time to leave. Vic is a delightful young woman. We hope to visit her in France someday on our upcoming travels.

We continue to be very anxious to get out of this dreary environment. It is getting old waiting but I feel good that something will happen in the next week or two. Got to get to SUNSHINE!!!!!