Purgatory, …. is an intermediate state …. in which those destined for heaven “undergo purification, so as to achieve the holiness necessary to enter the joy of heaven”…..

Yes that is where we feel we are at. Waiting, waiting, waiting…..to get to a paradise of sun, warmth and beach – a heaven!

We are not yet ready, not yet prepared. But soon oh very soon. The first big ‘purification’ event is getting the house sold. We have had many showings and lots of interest and we are now so close to offers. The value of a home located on the fairway of a country club becomes much more evident when the sun is shining and some folks are swinging the sticks. The weather is improving and so has the traffic looking at the house. Word of offer(s) are rumbling around.

Our second ‘purification’ step will be the moving sale(s) and deciding what we will take/store. This will be no less stressful than the house sale itself. It is life changing to depart with items that have supported your life for 10-20-30+ years. Denise is doing her part by sorting through and deciding on things and I am doing my part by listing items on-line and reducing our liquor inventory to save storage/shipping expense.

In the mean time we keep the house in ‘show’ condition, work on the offer negotiations, plan for the moving sales, and oh yes…reduce the liquor inventory. The move to heaven is coming but it seems you need to first go through a little bit of hell!

Remember: Keep Calm and Purgatory on!