D-21 Days and Counting

Our D Day is approaching. Yes ‘departure’ day. The house sold at full price, no questions asked. Things went so well that we received a call 2 weeks ago asking if we would agree to move up the closing date by 5 weeks. Unfortunately it was to late as we already had moving arrangements confirmed as well as needing to get rid of more ‘stuff’. It is amazing how many things we actually have to live.

This weekend is the final Moving Sale. After the sale ends on Sunday what is left will get boxed up and will be donated. From there we start packing what we so far think we want to keep or take. There is a good chance that most of what we take will end up in storage for a couple years as we travel. If it was up to me it would all be gone and not stored but in a partnership ya got to consider the desires and needs of the other party, ho hum.

We hope to have an Open House Good-bye ‘party’ at the country club before we are out of here. There are also a few folks asking for good-bye gatherings separately. This is hard to do with all the work needed to be done to move especially on Denise as she currently has the brunt of the work dealing with the household stuff. Oh well, I was never one to turn down a party! I have been doing my part by focusing on a few tasks such as the on-line postings for all the stuff we are trying to sell and the liquidation, literally, of our alcohol. The Scotch went first and now I am getting pretty low on the Jack and Makers. I still have some Jim B and Crown and then some various Rums, some Vodka, Gin, etc… I slip in a bottle of wine here or there in between. This is all hard work and Denise has been no help at all as she is busy with her own tasks :).

A couple random comments: 1) We used Redfin as our listing agent. I recommend them. They did a great job and saved us 1.5%. 2) We have moved 4-6 times in 30 some years and each time it is strange how people basically acquaintances for years but as soon you say you are leaving they get all emotional and want to be close friends, get together, say they want to keep in touch and visit, etc… People are strange animals. I know it will be harder with Denise’s friends as she has many and well, I guess i will miss my friends.

Quick tips: Start getting rid of stuff NOW. Simplify your life. You don’t need all that stuff. How many things do you need?

The tropics and surf is calling and we are getting closer. I guess months of waiting is finally going to pay off. I think this is a rather bland post but hopefully soon I will have lots of interesting adventures and pictures to tell about and share.

For now, be cool!