The Bitch almost bit me….yes a dog.


I grew up on a farm. I had all kinds of animals including dogs. The problem is not dogs but people. Yes I was almost bit last week. Denise and I were on our normal morning beach walk and some woman was sitting on some rocks with 3 dogs running wherever. As we walked by the area one of the dogs, yes it was a bitch, came after me. With quick movement, I only ended up with a scratch from its teeth on my calf. Of course the woman apologized profusely but why the heck, if someone is going to have a pet, can’t they be responsible for it. They were just out in a public area running around where ever they wanted.

This leads me to another disgusting trait of many dog owners. You can be sure this woman was not cleaning up after her 3 dogs. Crap where they want, I guess the tide will take care of things. Forget it that this is a public area that people walk, barefoot at that. This woman is not the only one. We see many people who daily take their dog(s) on the beach and do not pick up after them. We often see 2 people walking 8-12 dogs in the morning. Before anyone cast dispersions on this being Panama and the locals are not as ‘sophisticated’ as others, well most of these people are Gringos – Canadians, USA, etc…We are all a disgusting lot!

Well my last rant about dogs/owners. Why are people so ignorant? There are a number of people here who have these oversized Shetland sized dogs and they live in these 1000 sqft condo’s. They take them to the beach where they get wet and sandy (and crap) and then they traipse them through the building and elevators to their units. I want to stop them and ask them if they are lost since they obviously are looking for the equestrian center (yes Coronado has one about a mile away).

I know these issues with dogs are pretty much universal. I don’t want to give the impression that the beach is littered with doggie mounds. It is far from that but if you have ever mis-stepped somewhere you know where I am coming from. I often wonder who the real animals are!

Ok, now for some GRAND news. In a few days Katie and Sean will visit our tropical wonderland. We have been anxiously waiting to see them. In the short week they will be here, I really hope they can get a flavor for the place and embrace the calm and relaxing flip-flop atmosphere. It is often very hard to adjust as I found out. We come from such a busy fast paced environment and we tend to feel bad or guilty if we are not constantly occupied, moving, and connected. We have some activities planned – noodling in the pool, tiki bars, village market, fish market, lots of shrimp, beach walks. I hope that is not too overwhelming.

A new change from the last time I wrote…we now have a fisherman who comes right to our condo building every Friday morning with Shrimp/Langoustines. Medium are $5/lb and the jumbo are $6/lb – not bad. Denise makes a killer garlic shrimp recipe! We can also request fish like Red Snapper and Sea Bass/Corvina.

In closing, we are told November is the wettest month and it seems to have proven so. In saying that I need to clarify, we get very little rain overall so a few cooler overcast days are quite refreshing. I am including some more pictures, some are more sunsets which when they stand out they really STANDOUT! I hope you enjoy the pics.

Remember, all opinions are my own and any comments are accepted welcome or not!