PB and J-elly Fish & Travel

Tis the season…. Friends of ours, Megan n Mike, who lived here for a couple of months stopped back in Coronado, Panama from their travels in Colombia. They are on to further adventures thru David to Bocas del Toro. While they were here we went on a couple of beach walks and we came across some animals that truly made it an adventure. This is the season for Jelly Fish. Depending on the tides the Jellies can seem few and far in-between or unlike the other day there could be many. We pretty much stay out of the ocean this time of the year but the Jellies we found this day were up on the beach. There were lots of small and very small ones but there were also some humongous creatures. One of the pictures shows a size 12 foot next to it and it dwarfs this foot (is that a politically correct term – dwarf? To bad!).

It was very interesting to see these up close. They seemed to have these bubble humps across the top. We wondered if they were pregnant and these were new Jellies to be or maybe they were the brains and these big ones were just very smart Jellies – except for getting stranded on the beach. Well we never found out. I even searched Google Images – nada! Here are some pictures of what we found. Also read further down as there is more below these pictures.

Megan and Mike (Chicago) and their new pet.
12+ Plus size. Humongous!
Don’t know what the modules are. Babies? Brains?


A picture of some tail is always nice.
Fascinating but gross.


After spending time with Mike and Megan we are even more anxious to return to Medellin, Colombia as well as visit Cartagena. If you read previous posts you may have seen our tremendous experience in Medellin. Cartagena sounds equally intriguing with the addition of having a very old and historical part of the city. We also want to go to Bocas del Toro in Panama. Bocas is on the Caribbean side of the country near the border with Costa Rica. Bocas is more of a bohemian surfer/diving/partying type of place. Lots of short term vacationers go for what looks to be a memorable experience.Well these trips will have to wait.

Our next adventure starts in a few weeks. Denise will head for Charleston, SC and Savanah, GA. She is meeting some girl friends from Seattle who are flying all that way to go to Spring Break and also celebrate one of their birthdays’. Sounds like lots of trouble brewing! Lock up those Chip-n-Dales!

I leave at the same time and head for Cozumel, Mexico. Denise will join me around 10 days later and stay an additional 5-6 days before heading back to Panama. We have never been to Cozumel and I read wonderful things about it and its beaches. Among the things we want to do while there is of course enjoy the beaches and city, we will be meeting up with our Financial Advisor while there, do some snorkeling, and hopefully go to some Mayan ruins on the mainland. OK here is a cheap plug for our Financial Advisor.

We have been using the services of Mark Tyler for a number of years now to grow our portfolio. I have to say that if it wasn’t for Mark we would not be living on a tropical beach at this time. +1 206-450-9411, +1 858-436-6242, Tyler Investment, Inc. You can find him on FaceBook or I can hook you up if interested. OK, no more cheap advertisements!

We have a number of people waiting to hear our assessment and pictures of Cozumel so watch for a future posting toward the end of April. We will celebrate Easter at the beach in Panama. We will be out looking for the Sand Bunny and his Mango shaped eggs.

Our Valentine’s day celebration started off pretty shaky (my fault I am sure) but ended up with a bang with Denise seeing fireworks out on the beach at night. Honest, I even included PG rated pictures below. We continue to enjoy every sunrise, most sunsets, the wonderful beach and pools along with reading about your rain, snow, ice, and wind – rub, rub, rub…..

Enjoy the rest of the pictures and as usual all comments are mine and directly from our personal experience so …..comments and requests are always accepted though sometimes not welcome. Happy February, happy Lent, happy President’s Day……


The other day, for some reason I was thinking a lot of my dad. I miss being able to talk with him. Someday we will be able to again.
12647035_1122411501110614_4020091091978889899_n (2)
So far in 2016, 100% of our days have been sunny and with a low over 70 degrees!
Just a picture of the closest night spot to our condo, Picassos. We play trivia (poorly) there on Thursdays.
I thought this a cool pic. We live on the 23rd floor. This is looking down an opening between pisos.
Ended up a great day
I told ya Denise saw fireworks on the beach!
These were launched on the beach directly in front of our complex.
The  Pirateers! My friends Matt and Deb are to the right.
Some folks in this impoverished country can’t afford a car so our neighbor uses his helicopter.
Every sunrise is spectacular.
Denise is at full capacity for her H2O water aerobics noodle class on Wednesday mornings. She has been asked numerous times if she does this professionally.
Never get tired of this view
Me and my little casita behind me – ya right. There is a LOT of wealth here! Just down the beach from our condo.