Make plans & God laughs, plan anyway!

img_3939   Refections in my mind

Some may call it karma, sh_t happens, fate…whatever…but I believe God has a plan for each of us. If He does, why make plans and set goals? I believe God sets out a big picture plan but gives us latitude in our day to day fumbling. Well if you are like me I have and do fumble a lot and sometimes the big Guy steps in when a correction is needed to get back on course. In charge or not, I still plan, still set goals…cause who knows.

So it is 2017. What is the plan/goals? I guess I should at least set some high level plans and then see how much God laughs as I work through them. We have now been in our new place over 3.5 months and I still don’t feel settled and in a routine. It seemed as soon as we got in the place and started a routine then Thanksgiving hit, Christmas hit, guests came and went, etc…It is very difficult to stay on a routing, stay active, not over eat and drink when visitors are around and you gather for holiday dinners, sugar is around in one form or another everywhere and finally you are blahhhh. 1st plan or goal is to get back on routine, get more regularly active, and reduce much of the blah.

I would really like to travel a little this year. Travel is not cheap though. Actually the traveling part is not bad but the cost once you get there..ouch! Lodging, food, transportation, … you know the drill. I would love to get a trip back to the Seattle area where Katie and Sean live so we can see them and visit old friends. I would love to get a trip to Virginia where Lisa lives to visit her and also do the DC circuit. I would love to take a trip to the Keys, the Caribbean islands, maybe Mexico. Finally I would really like to take a lengthy trip to Spain and Portugal. As you can see this is all just a wish list for now with no plan. I guess I should be happy if I can at least get 1-3 of these accomplished this year.

What about activities? I want to play more tennis and as always get on the beach almost everyday. A little more time in the pool would be nice also. It all sounds great but there are still times where one is board. There is a good chance I will start actively consulting this year. Also I have been asked to & encouraged to write a book. Both the consulting and writing would be somewhat challenging. It is one thing to sit and write a blog post and it may not look like much but it takes a bit of thought and a bit of time. Writing a book is much different though. I am not sure if I have the focus and concentration to stay on topic for the time it would take to put a book together. I get board and distracted easily and quickly. I have the suggested topic so maybe I will see if I can at least get a draft outline. What do you think?

One thing I know is that I truly value my time. I hesitate to do anything to have my time dictated or controlled. If I do an activity it would need to be very very worthwhile. Oh and then there is that God plan thing. I guess in the end it is not my time but His time He is giving me to use. I better allow time for His plan. It would be great if we could get those plans in sync!

2017 may end up very active and busy or maybe kicked back and relaxed. Once I get more clarity on my plans and get them approved by Denise 🙂 then the execution begins. If I am still banging on the keyboard you may hear about some of them. Experiences are more fun when shared, even after the fact.

Do you have plans? Goals? Set some, make them BIG, strive to make them real and then step back and listen for someone laughing. It is most likely the Big Guy enjoying the comedy. Good luck, we can all use it!

As always comments or questions are welcome. I hope you enjoy the attached pictures.


View from our patio. Can anything ever rival such a sunset?



Well the sunrise from the beach isn’t so bad either!


The water is so beautifully blue.
Come and sit on mama’s lap!
Arlene and Dean came visiting/drinking
Happy hour @ Square Grouper Tiki Bar!
Who farted?
What happens in Jupiter, stays in Jupiter.
Home home on the range!


Palm Beach Fair Pig Racesimg_20170125_164010
Where in the world is….
Yacht based out of Yakima in our Marina.
Our new wall art.
Juno Beach pier, just a short walk from our place.
Arlene and Dean favored Coconut Rum in their cups!
Studying for the ‘bar’.
Dude, shovel what….?

One thought on “Make plans & God laughs, plan anyway!

  1. It inspires me about what I should do in 2017. I used to set up no goals and no plans in new year, doubting if I could achieve the goals in my mind. Though my dad has encouraged me to have a BIG goal, the big goal gave me only stress without plan. With belief in God, your word, “Make HIM laugh’, comforts me a lot.

    Thanks for this post, I would do ‘Set Goal, Make Plan, and Make him laugh’ in this year.


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