Blog to end all Blogs!

We have been back in the USA for 14 months. We are having our 1 year Jupiter anniversary shortly. Jupiter is a great place especially living so close to the beach. It has been a somewhat busy year with a few adventures, most mentioned in previous posts. A leisure life continues to be an adjustment. One of the big reasons we left Panama was that we got bored a lot. There were many reasons for that boredom but some was self imposed. I have been asked if I would go back to Panama. I certainly would but I would also do things differently this time to hopefully overcome some of the reasons we left. There really was nothing like living right on a tropical beach.

Being back in the states boredom is still a challenge. We all get in our routines. Our tastes change. Denise is trying to get back into her mosaic artwork which is quite time consuming. We still do a lot together. We go to the pool for about 1.5 hours 4-5 days a week, we play tennis every great once in a while, and we go to the beach for a couple mile walk 4-6 days a week and/or sit for a few hours and read and/or sit and have a picnic dinner on the beach. At times, I go to the beach myself as Denise is busy. We also do our Tiki Bar/Happy Hour efforts 3-4 times a week.

Denise keeps telling me I need to go and make some friends as our interest at times drift apart and she said I need something to occupy my time so she can have hers. I have met some folks down at the beach but Denise scolded me and said that she meant friends more my age and they should be guys. I guess I will keep trying but I am not to good with the people stuff.

Oh, in case anyone cared, yes we made it through Hurricane Irma. Our area was beat up a bit as they are currently patching the condo roofs with plastic covering and there is still lots of trees and branches down. Some folks were without power for almost a week. The good part is that my favorite bars, grocery stores and gas stations were back on line in a matter of just a day or two. Seems like if you have a generator you are open for business. A lot of folks did suffer a lot though but still nowhere near what those in the islands and Keys did. I am really glad we got a trip to the Keys in earlier this year.

The blog title says ‘blog to end all blogs’. What is that about? Well I think I am going to hang up my blogging keyboard so this is probably it. Denise has said ‘what makes you think anyone is interested in what you are doing anyway?’ She is probably right but I wrote more for me than for anyone reading this anyway. In the long run it is more effort than I think I want to put into it. Actually the pictures is what takes the effort. Also I am planning to scale back my social media presence. I expect to be completely off Facebook no later than 2018. I plan on suspending my account BUT Messenger will still work so you can message, call or video me that way. Why Facebook? Well in my leisure it is so easy for it to become a ‘time suck’ and I am concerned that the Russians are influencing my postings (pun intended for you liberal crazies). I am also concerned with how FB is using and pushing information on us. It is easier to just get out of it and get back lost time. I would like to dump Twitter (@rbillock) also but I have over 15,500 followers and have this retentive guilt if I were to just bail on them. Gosh what an ego! well, I will wait and see.

So you may ask, what do I want to do then? If things were perfect I would travel, a lot. I always wanted to travel and did so starting when I was quite young. My fantasy would be to go and live some place for +/- a year and do that every year for the next 30 years. I think by the time I was 90 I may be ready to slow down. This of course is not reality so I guess I will be in Jupiter for the foreseeable future. If you ever want to come to south Florida to visit you are welcome to come by.

Oh before I leave you I want to pass along my new favorite drink. I temper my intake due to sugar intake since rum is made from cane sugar and sugar is legal poison to our bodies. I recommend Blue Chair Bay Key Lime Creme rum. I pour it over ice in a tumbler and sip away. You can add some other stuff but it is delic buy itself…enjoy!

As always your comments or questions are welcome.

Bon Voyage from probably the final beach:oclock blog post!

See you at the beach…friend!

Giving Denise ‘the finger’ after getting beat again!
Out for an evening of Reggae at Guanabanas on the intercoastal.
Sunset from our balcony.
Typical morning on the beach.
Newly hatched Loggerhead making its way to the ocean.
Some of what Irma left for us.
Square Grouper re-opened after leaving a warning ‘Not Here Irma’. #besttikibar

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